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Three Sixty° Property Group is a full-service, residential project development sales agency. With over 30 years experience with Australia's largest public and private companies, Three Sixty° is responsible for over 30,000 residential apartment sales to date.

Our ability to see projects through from start to finish, providing expert management every step of the way, provides clients with a comprehensive service unmatched in the industry. This can encompass everything from site purchase, product design and development, application of current market research, through to settlement and property management. 

Collaboration in the early stages of a development ensures a smooth process, with nothing left to chance. True potential and value is realised in a development project when a comprehensive strategy is specifically designed and meticulously implemented. Three Sixty° provides a specialised approach to residential sales and marketing.
Three Sixty° provide a distinct advantage with its thorough, sophisticated understanding of the sector and its markets. It is this that enables us to work with you on a project from the moment you consider your site purchase. We understand the true meaning of getting a residential product right. We distinguish ourselves through our proven analytical capacity and ability to maximise value for residential development companies, financial institutions, opportunity funds, as well as individual purchasers and investors.


Site Identification

With our deep understanding of market activity, we are perfectly placed to identify development sites with maximum potential.

Feasibility Analysis

We assist our clients in analysing the viability of a site and in making the right choices regarding product mix.

Market Research and Evaluation

Provide indepth advice on the current and predicted state of the market.

Review of Plans and Permits

Getting it right from the beginning is critical for maximising profit. We conduct thorough reviews of all plans and permits.

Design Advice

On architecture, interior design and apartment/property mix, based on buyer demand.

Pricing Strategy

We price the entire project.


We develop short and long-term marketing strategies - including the development and management of integrated and innovative property-aligned marketing campaigns.

Distribution Strategy

The campaign includes an overall distribution strategy, with a sole focus on selling out the project prior to completion.


We advise and liaise with creative agencies on all branding, marketing collateral and creative concepts.


We work with a network of over 400 agents locally and throughout Asia and manage sales performance and contract administration for every sale.


A 24 hour live project portal for our clients use.

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The latest news and advice from our team of expertise. Visit our 'News' page.

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