We are with you every step of the way.

Our sales service does not end once contracts have been signed. We keep our purchasers informed of the development’s progress throughout every stage of the building process.

As we receive construction updates from the developer, we then communicate this information to the purchasers. It is an exciting process, literally watching your apartment come to life.

Trentham House

12-14 Trentham Street,

Carpe Group

Martin Friedrich Apartments

Project update

Carpe Group

We hope this update finds you and your loved ones well.

Sinjen continue to make great progress.  Since our last update, the roof has been installed and the window installation is now complete.  Internally, the wall and ceiling linings are nearing completion.  Tiling will commence this week and off-site joinery manufacture is underway.  The concrete spiral staircase has been poured and is ready for wall linings.

As previously noted, Sinjen's revised contract completion date is 20 September 2021.  At this stage it is likely Sinjen will handover in late August 2021, if this is achieved then settlements are expected to occur in early September 2021.

The next update will be issued in early June, in the meantime if you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Lora Bentleigh

17-19 Loranne Street,

Taylors Reynolds

Project update

June 2020
On the midst of these surreal times, it is business as usual at Lora Bentleigh. The Ground and First Floors are well underway with plastering. Levels two and three service rough in has been completed with windows on all levels installed.

It has been exciting watching the roof install and the external brickwork and cladding are ongoing.

As we will be sending out regular, important information from now until settlement, we need to ensure we have your correct contact information. Should your contact details change, please notify us at vhogg@360propertygroup.com.au

If you have any further enquiries or your contact information changes, please contact Vicki Hogg on vhogg@360propertygroup.com.au.

Flockmill Homes

22 Hardy Street,

Roth Developments

Saw Constructions

Project update

  • Expected Construction Completion: Stage 1: April 2021, Stage 2: October 2021
  • Expected Settlement: Stage 1: May 2021, Stage 2: November 2021
  • Contact: info@360propertygroup.com.au

February 2021
From Roth Developments position works are progressing well and we have managed to maintain our proposed completion dates without any significant impact from COVID19.

The construction works for stage one are currently on target fo completion end of April 2021.  We have now commenced the civil works for the construction of the driveways and the landscaping etc.  Once both packages of works are completed we will need to seek a range of statutory approvals (mostly from Moreland City Council) before titles can be registered.  The registration of titles is the main milestone for settlements.

At present we are forecasting that titles can be registered by the second week of May and settlements to commence before the end of May 2021.  This forecast is both realistic and aggressive as there is a mountain of work that has to be completed.  Roth Developments have engaged additional resources to help secure the timely completion of all that needs to be done and are confident that the end of May settlements can be achieved.

STAGE 2 COMPLETION Lots 1-16 & Lots 42-59
The construction works for stage two are currently on target for completion by end of October 2021.  With a settlement process similar to the stage one process we anticipate settlements to commence before the end of November 2021.  This stage of works is some time away and we will continue to update purchasers if there is any change in the forecasted completion.

The only remaining works to the project is the completion of Lots 40 & 41 the display suite that will be completed post the completion of stage 2 and not impact on the opening of the park and the balance of the development.  Nothing that the park is to be completed in conjunction with stage one works.

To keep up to date with the happenings on site follow @rothdevelopments on Instagram.

River One

6 Joseph Road,

Blue Earth

CHT Architects

Project update

  • Expected Construction Completion: Early 2021
  • Expected Settlement: April 2021
  • Contact: meg@blueearth.com.au

December 2020

River One continues to progress well.
Onsite works are progressing extremely well with most of the external building works now complete and concrete structure is fully completed.  The tower crane has now been dismantled, signalling the end of the heavy lifting.

Externally, the windows are being installed to level 17, the balustrading has been fixed to level 12 and the striking architectural elements have been completed.

Internally, the various trades including carpenters, joinery makers, electricians, plumbers and plasterers are sequentially working their way up the building. Most apartments up to level 2 are almost completed.

In relation to the programme, the status is as follows:
The key programme items are as follows:
Stage                                     Status
  1. Site set up works                 Completed
  2. Bulk excavation                    Completed
  3. Basement works                  Completed
  4. Structure works                    Completed
  5. Services rough in                 In progress
  6. Window glazing                  In progress
  7. Facade cladding                   Completed
  8. Internal fit out works           In progress
  9. Finishing works                    In progress
  10. Title registration
  11. Ready to settle
This will be our final update prior to moving into the settlement updates phase.
Settlement Date
Settlement is anticipated for April 2021. 
Contact Person
Meg is your dedicated contact person for all matters relating to construction updates and settlement. Meg’s details are as follows:
Name:            Meg Loughridge 
Email:             meg@blueearth.com.au
Phone:           0427 444 444

Ivanhoe Gardens

56-58 Myrtle Street,

Blue Earth

Project update

Expected Construction Completion: August 2021
Expected Settlement: September 2021
Contact: meg@blueearth.com.au or 0427 444 444

December 2020

Ivanhoe Gardens continues to progress to programme!

We have completed all inground works as well as structural slabs to Level 5. Full structure remains on track for completion in February 2021.

We will shortly commence fit-out to the first apartments on ground floor with window installs on track to commence in February and building weather tightness on track for April 2021.

In relation to programme, the status is as follows:

Construction Programme

Site set up works - Completed
Bulk excavation - Completed
Ground works - Completed
Structure works - In progress
Services rough in - In progress
Window glazing - Commencing February
Facade cladding - In progress
Internal fit out works - Commencing January
Finishing works
Title registration
Occupancy permit
Ready to settle

Moving forward, we will continue to provide you with regular updates.

Settlement Date

Settlement is anticipated for September 2021.

We will keep you updated as we get closer to this date.

Fitzroy House

71-75 Arygle Street,


Hecker Guthrie

Project update

December 2020
We are pleased to report that construction at Fitzroy House continues to make excellent progress.

Structural works are now complete with the internal framing and services rough in well advanced as they progress up the building.

The life installation has commenced and good progress is being made with plastering in readiness for delivery of joinery in January.

Building works are scheduled for completion in August/September 2021 and we look forward to keeping you updated on progress in the new year.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all the best for the festive season and a prosperous 2021.

We trust that you enjoy the latest footage from site:


For further information, please contact info@360propertygroup.com.au

Park Lane

22-26 Riddell Parade,


Jackson Clements Burrows Architects

Project update

November 2020
We're pleased to inform you that construction on site at Park Lane, Elsternwick is progressing well. Basement works and concrete structure are completed to level 4, with level 5 due to be completed next week.

Construction is on track for completion which is anticipated to take place in October 2021.

We look forward to bringing you more updates on the construction of Park Lane as it progresses along towards its completion.

If you have any further enquiries or your contact information changes, please contact the Development Manager, Thomas Cornelius at thomas@citiplan.com.au or on 0418 589 032.

The Kent Residences

382 Burwood Road,

CDG Group

David Hicks

Project update

  • Expected Settlement: Late November 2020
  • Contact: tania@settlement-solutions.com.au or 03 8582 8973

October 2020

We are pleased to advise you that construction is on track and apartments will be ready for bank valuation inspections from Wednesday, 28 October 2020.

Valuers must contact Tania Torres on 03 8582 8973 or email tania@settlement-solutions.com.au to make an appointment.

Please note that these inspections are for bank valuers only. You will have an opportunity to inspect your apartment shortly after this date.


711 Barkly Street,
West Footscray

Branson Property Group

Project update

25 September 2020


Construction of the project is in the final stages and valuation inspections can now be arranged with Branson's office, between 26/10/2020 and 30/10/2020, 9am-4pm.

To arrange your valuation inspection, please contact Mariah Spiteri on 03 9370 9111 or mariah@bransongroup.com.au.

25 September 2020


Construction of the project is in the final stages and pre-settlement inspections can now be arranged with Branson's office, between 9/11/2020 and 13/11/2020, 9am-4pm.

To arrange your valuation inspection, please contact Mariah Spiteri on 03 9370 9111 or mariah@bransongroup.com.au.

Casey Green

96-166 Centre Rd,
Narre Warren




Project update

  • Expected Construction Completion: End 2020/Early 2021
  • Expected Settlement: End 2020/Early 2021
  • Contact: admin@osanrae.com.au

Stage 6 Project Update - September 2020

The following works have taken place on site since the last update:
  • Timber framing works 90% complete
  • Structural steel works 100% complete
  • External cladding works 80% complete
  • Windows and roof tile works 90% complete
  • Plastering works 80% complete
  • Internal fitout and finishing works commenced
  • Driveways and external fencing works 80% complete
  • Landscape works commenced

Works planned on site for the next quarter of 2020:
  • Completing all remaining internal and external works
  • Performing final cleans and defect inspections
  • Preparing for settlement and handover

Anticipated settlement:
Lots 106 to 116 – End 2020
Lots 117 to 127 – End 2020
Lots 241 to 245 – End 2020
Lots 139 to 150 – Early 2021

We will continue to update quarterly. In the meantime, if you have any queries regarding the development please contact nhan@360propertygroup.com.au.

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