Indoor Plants Perfect For Your Apartment

Indoor Plants Perfect For Your Apartment

Research shows that incorporating greenery into your living space can help to not only reduce stress and create a calm environment, however it also helps to purify the air. Here are six plants that are very popular at the moment for not only helping to de-stress, but also for looking great!







Such a beautiful and elegant flower

to add vibrancy and life to any space.

This plant needs warmth, optimum

 light and the occasional water.













Peace Lily

This elegant plant with long shiny leaves and

white flowers is perfect for most positions in

your apartment as it does not require much

sunlight. Allow drying out between watering.












Fiddle-leaf fig

This plant is loved for its large glossy,

leathery leaves. It can grow to around

two metres tall in filtered light.

Do not place it in direct sunlight,

however it does like to remain moist

and be placed in a warm environment.













Zanzibar Gem

This plant stays great for long dry spells, 

so if you don't have a good history with

plants -this is the one for you. This foliage

plant is practically indestructible, and is

perfect for both low and high levels of light. 











String of Pearls

This dangling creeping succulent that looks like

strings of pearls adds a bit of character to any

space. This plant likes bright light, including

direct sunlight and only needs water every two

weeks in summer,and once a month in winter.














Snake plant

If you like low maintenance – this is the plant

for you. Named after its long sharply-shaped

leaves, this structural plant can tolerate all

types of light and normal room temperature,

however it does prefer full, bright light




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