Designing a Terrace or Balcony with Distinction

Whether you have a sprawling roof deck or a tiny balcony, having an outdoor space to call your own positively contributes to daily life.

A private terrace is the ultimate luxury—It is an urban respite from the madness of the streets, as well as your personal sanctuary.

When landscaping, paving and outdoor lighting are harmoniously combined, you can create an inviting and calming aesthetic.

The key thing is lighting first and foremost followed by planting. Lighting will determine both Plant species and type of artificial lighting.

To make the space your own private oasis, follow these tips.  

Maximize the space, you can extend the living space by treating the outdoor space like the inside, with intimate seating arrangements, similar colours, and materials.

We suggest incorporating greenery as much as possible—lush plantings that add height and privacy or living green walls in high rises.

A subtle but powerful way to bridge indoors and outdoors is to use the same or similar flooring.

Indirect or diffused light is a good way to create a relaxed, glowing ambiance. Up lighting or backlighting trees and plants magnifies their forms and textures, and they become natural floor lamps.

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